Challah French Toast Casserole with Caramel Syrup

Challah Bread French Toast Casserole with Caramel Syrup

If ever you needed an excuse to make sure you have an extra loaf of Challah Bread on hand, this is it! In my opinion, I think Challah bread makes the best french toast casserole EVER! Then add this homemade creamy caramel syrup in the mix…..OH HAPPY DAY!

Challah French Toast Casserole with Caramel Syrup 
1 Loaf of Challah Bread, cut into cubes
8 Egg’s, beaten
2 Cups Milk
1/2 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1/4 Cup Sugar
3/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Almond Extract

Caramel Syrup 
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1 Cup Light Corn Syrup
2 Tablespoon Butter

Start by greasing a 9 x 13″ pan. Place cubed bread into pan. Whisk together in a bowl the eggs, milk, cream, sugars, cinnamon and almond extract. Pour over the bread. (You might want to push the bread down into the egg mixture to coat.) Cover with plastic wrap and chill overnight.  The next morning preheat oven to 350 degrees. While oven is heating remove the casserole from the fridge and let set at room temp. until oven is ready.  Bake for 1 hour.
When the casserole has about 10 minutes left of cooking time, start making the caramel syrup. Combine all ingredients into a sauce pan. Whisking over medium heat until all the sugar has dissolved and butter has melted. Then reduce heat to low, stirring occasionally until casserole is ready to serve. ~ Get ready to have seconds!
Happy Holidays, Lark

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